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Network security encompasses a broad range of services and internal/external controls. Ultimately, network security is the practice of configuring and maintaining the hardware and software that makes up your network as well as physical & environmental security.


Included in the configuration and maintenance are items such as:

  • Access control and policies

  • VPN's and remote desktop protocols

  • Email authentication

  • Spam filtering

  • Firewall hardware / software

  • Perimeter based antivirus

  • Network traffic analysis

  • Cloud security

  • Cybersecurity awareness training

  • Penetration testing

  • DMZ

  • Security cameras

  • Fire suppression

  • and much more


Security is an essential and ongoing part of any size network. Hardly a week goes by that doesn't have some company being lambasted in the news for allowing their data to be hacked and stolen. Recent reports indicate that small business networks are increasingly the target of hackers due to lower levels of security as compared to larger businesses.


Regardless of the size of your network, without effective and ongoing security you are leaving your company open to loss of data and possibly your company's reputation.

SherpaData offers network/security assessments that will give you a baseline of where you are and help you develop and implement a plan to strengthen your overall security.

Security Servicesu

Click the arrow for an online security survey form. Please fill out prior to an onsite assessment by SherpaData. You may download and keep for your records. Please note that SherpaData receives a copy of your completed form and all information is kept strictly confidential. 

Please contact Michael Irwin at mirwin@sherpadata with any questions


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