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Email Management




Many if not most companies depend on email to keep their businesses going. It is the preferred method of communication for sharing data. Regardless of whether you choose to use web based mail solutions such as Hosted Exchange, Google's Gmail or host your own email server using Microsoft Exchange, it is imperative to keep the mail flowing.


SherpaData provides:

  • Email storage and archiving

  • Exchange server management

  • Cloud based hosted Exchange

  • Google Apps administration

  • Outlook and other mail client administration

  • Global contact management

  • Shared Calendars

  • Email policy's and procedures

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery of current and archived email

  • Email maintenance on mobile devices

  • Spam control

  • Digital Discovery requirements

  • and many more


 511 Kimberton Road, Phoenixville, PA 19460 Tel:610-245-DATA

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