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Cyber threats can take your business down. All it takes is one person clicking on an  attachment or following a spoofed link in an email, bypassing all your anti-virus software. That workstation then infects other workstations through shares and mapped drives bringing your office to a grinding halt.

SherpaData conducts a series of presentations designed to keep your employees aware of CyberSecurity threats and show them how they can be part of your company’s cyber defense.

Our presentations are always educational, engaging and include information on the latest threats and current defense strategies to implement.

We present to groups of 5 and up and will tailor the presentation to add any specific threats that affect your line of business (Legal, Insurance, Financial, etc.).

All participants receive handouts with presentation notes, additional links, resources and a special email address to send follow up questions to.

Contact SherpaData  @ 610-245-3282 for more information and to to schedule CyberSecurity training for your organization.


( Non-Profit organizations may qualify for reduced rates or no charge )

Topics covered include:

  • Current cyber threats and what you need to do now to protect yourself.

  • Why passwords are so important and how old ones can come back to haunt you.

  • Ransomware - What it is, how it works and how to recover from it. 

  • Social Engineering Schemes - How they work and why they are so effective. 

  • Dangers of wifi hot-spots and unsecured wifi networks.

  • Data backup - Often your recovery of last resort.

  • Why you should do Cloud2Cloud backup of your Office 365 data.

  • Why buy-in by management is critical to a successful CyberThreat defense. 

  • Types of Web based attacks.

  • IoT ( Internet of Things )- think army of Internet connected toasters attacking your online presence.

  • 3rd Party vendors - How their security shortcomings can be a backdoor into your network.

  • Physical security -Devices, media, paper records, property.

  • Do you need Cyber insurance?

  • Are your network printers a backdoor for hackers?

  • Network security assessments.

  • CyberSecurity standards and controls - ISO 27001, NIST CFS.

  • Disk and data encryption.

  • And much more

 511 Kimberton Road, Phoenixville, PA 19460 Tel:610-245-DATA

Companies that have received our CyberSecurity Awareness Training

Margaret Capone CPA

Overall Satisfaction Rating

10 out of 10

Overall Satisfaction Rating

10 out of 10

Overall Satisfaction Rating

10 out of 10

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